Our Mission: Point One Project exists to protect and improve the mental health and well-being of those working in the music sector.

How we work

Coordination. Collaboration. Cooperation.

That’s how we work.

Point One Project partners with companies, organisations and individuals to collectively support the mental health of those working in the UK music sector.

We provide a central hub for record companies, music publishers, live agencies, promoters, collecting societies and other major players in music – as well as individual artists, songwriters and bands – to contribute financially to mental health and well-being initiatives.

The Point One Project Fund receives one-off and annual donations and, in some cases, a commitment to contribute a minimum of 0.1% of turnover or profit per year to ensure continued support for the sector.

All funds raised are reinvested in mental health initiatives which aim to improve the mental health and well-being of the 190,000 individuals working in the UK music sector.

We work with existing health charities which are delivering vital activities in this field and are excited to hear from individuals or organisations with pioneering programmes or ideas for the provision of mental health support.

What we do

  • Amplify

    There are amazing charities, organisations and experts who currently deliver health services in the music industry and there are many music companies who have dedicated time, energy and money to developing their own well-being programmes. The Point One Project is a champion and advocate for these existing initiatives, capitalising on existing expertise to extend their reach and strengthen their impact.

  • Collaborate

    Through innovative collaborations with entrepreneurs, businesses, and partners, we can take the Point One Project’s funding, resources and initiatives directly to those who may be in need of support. Whether it’s a partnership with an app, a membership body, or another part of the music ecosystem, we know we can have greater impact and reach by working collectively to safeguard the health of the sector and drive positive change.

  • Educate

    Mental health is not and cannot be considered a conversation for grown-ups only. We need to normalise conversations about mental health in the music business and, for the Point One Project, this means engaging with the next generation of talent in our sector. We work with education providers to ensure young people are better equipped to manage a career in music and to know who to turn to for support at a difficult time.

  • Invest

    Through the Point One Project Fund, we provide financial support as well as strategic support through our knowledge, insight and experience to existing mental health initiatives to ensure that help continues to reach those in need in all corners of the UK. We act as an incubator for start-up and early-stage health programmes – a catalyst tool for the development of unique projects to further support the music sector.

  • Signpost

    The Point One Project website will continue to build, curate and bring together a wealth of information on existing resources to help keep individuals informed and others from reaching crisis point. POP will offer a full suite of signposting for people at each stage of their mental health journey – from good to average, poor and clinical. From helplines and online tools to events and support groups, we aim to centralise the most useful numbers, names and websites in a single mental health directory, so individuals know where to turn to. If in need, search for POP.

Phase One

We’ve been building the Point One Project over the last three years and there is a lot we know it can achieve. As a starting point, we commit to delivering the following initiatives in phase one:

  • Invest in existing mental health charities and organisational initiatives

    We will invest in existing charities currently operating within the UK music sector as well as organisational initiatives in the field of mental health to support their ongoing efforts and drive forward new initiatives and meaningful and measurable change.

  • Invest in enhanced support for music managers

    Working with the Music Managers Forum, we will fund mental health practitioners to support music managers in the UK. This will be accompanied by signposts to vital services and support groups, which the Point One Project will also help to fund.

  • Invest in enhanced support for the live music community

    Working with LIVE, we will invest in meaningful programme and tools aimed at improving the mental health of tour personnel whilst on the road.

  • Invest in creating a framework for improved health amongst artists and music creators

    Working with both the major and independent music sectors, we will seek to deliver a coordinated approach to supporting artists and music creators in the UK at all stages of their career.

  • Invest seed funding to new mental health businesses

    Through the Point One Project, we will invest and act as an incubator to fund start-ups with pioneering ideas and programmes, to grow the scale and scope of mental health services in music.

Why we exist

Pre-pandemic, research showed that individuals working in the music industry were more susceptible than the general public to mental ill health issues. In fact, music industry professionals are 10 times more likely to experience high levels of anxiety and three times more likely to experience suicidal thoughts.

In two separate studies conducted in 2016* and 2019**, over two thirds of music artists said they suffered from a form of mental ill health, yet only one in five believed the music industry was working to create a sustainable climate with healthy artists.

Many companies, particularly the larger corporate enterprises, have the benefit of in-house HR and mental health support services; but so much of the music industry, especially the live sector, exists on the road, or in bedroom studios. It’s those who need access to help and structure the most.

As the music industry starts to emerge from the pandemic and return to a sustained period of growth (with the recorded music sector up 7.4% globally in 2020 and 3.8% in the UK), and with more artists and industry professionals entering the business than ever before, the concerns surrounding mental ill health in the music industry look set to become a growing epidemic. Health needs to be point one on everyone’s agenda.

We need to act now.

And that’s why POP exists - to protect and improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyone that is part of the UK’s music community.

Our values

AUTHENTICITY: Ensure everything we do and say is transparent, remains true, authentic to who we are and our mission

COLLABORATION: Work collaboratively, creating an environment to drive change and measurable impact without duplication

CREATIVITY: Encourage creativity, look at new innovations and ways of doing and thinking differently through approaches that deliver lasting positive change

INCLUSIVITY: We support, include and enable all humans within our reach to live their healthiest and happiest life

About Us

Point One Project is the outcome of four friends recognising and wanting to play their part in addressing mental health issues within the music Industry.

It was a chance meeting in Winston House (Los Angeles) back in 2017 that brought together singer songwriter Ryan Keen, who has collaborated and toured extensively with acts including Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, and Leona Lewis, and JC, co-founder of the world’s largest men’s mental health movement, Movember. Both being experienced, engaged in and passionate about initiatives to improve mental health and well-being, they started to explore how to move the needle further on mental health provision in music.

Fast forward a few months and they meet Ric Salmon, Director at ATC Management with clients such as Nick Cave, Laura Marling and Faithless, and founder of the ticketed live streaming business, Driift. Having just lost a close friend to suicide at that time, his encounter with JC at a networking event was very timely. Understanding that the music industry is built on the “exploitation of emotion”, Ric felt a real duty of care towards those whose may feel exposed and vulnerable as a result of their career in music.

Completing the “core four” is Jack Williamson – former music industry executive who started out working in PR for George Michael and Mariah Carey before moving into marketing and international where he worked at SVP level on campaigns for the likes of Chainsmokers, Gabrielle Aplin and Spice Girls. In 2017, Jack transitioned into mental health and well-being, becoming a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and establishing Music and You. Having reconnected with Ryan through the artist, Gavin James, Jack joined the conversations, bringing with him two ambitions: the desire to support music artists at all stages of their career with their mental health and the aspiration for music companies to make a tax-deductible contribution to a fund which would support mental health initiatives in music.

In the weeks that followed, the foursome agreed to dedicate time and energy to advancing the topic of mental health within music and the concept of the Point One Project was born.


JC Ric Salmon Ryan Keen Jack Williamson

JC, Ric Salmon, Ryan Keen, Jack Williamson


If you would like to contact someone who can offer support, head to our support page for a list of organisations in your region.